All natural skincare lines and customized treatments provide targeted results.

The First Facial – Price Based on Facial Chosen
On your first visit a custom skin analysis will identify your skins unique profile followed by a 55 minute Facial or Peel & a customized home skincare regimen.


The Classic – (55 min) $98
A Customized Facial that includes analysis, cleansing, gentle exfoliation, extractions, massage and mask. Ideal for: All Skin Types


The Soother – (55 min) $105
A Calming Facial that relaxes and sooths reactive skin while strengthening and repairing the natural barrier. Ideal for: Sensitive Skin


The Purifier – (55 min) $115
A deep cleansing Facial that focuses on extractions, while combating oil production and healing inflammation. Ideal for: Problematic/ Congested Skin


The Lift – (70 min) $145
A unique muscle reshaping massage combined with a youth revealing enzyme peel makes this the ultimate Anti- Aging Treatment. Ideal for: Any time after your Second 29th Birthday!


Simple Signature Facial – (80 min) $165
An active yet soothing facial restores your skin to its natural radiance while hot aromatherapy oils are massaged onto hands, feet and scalp to promote ultimate relaxation. Ideal for: All Skin Types


The O2 Radiance Peel – (75 min) $185
A Medical Grade Oxygen Machine gives skin an anti- Aging Oxygen Boost while Lactic & Glycolic acids break down dead skin cells. Peptides and Resveratrol reverse signs of skin damage, improve elasticity and brighten the complexion. Includes Extractions. Ideal for: Youth Maintenance Types



Expertly customized to your skin using results driven natural products.

The Salicylic Peel – (45 min) $105
This powerful peel acts as an anti–inflammatory, exfoliating to clear blocked follicles and minimize breakouts while also brightening and refining skin texture Ideal for: Acne, Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Uneven Skin Tone


The Enzyme Peel – (55 min) $1115
Restore skins youthful appearance naturally as fruit enzymes dissolve dead skin cells stimulating skin to produce collagen and elastin. Ideal for: All Skin Types


The Pores Peel – (80 min) $150
A Combination Facial & Peel with an intensive pore minimizing mask to help reduce the appearance of pores. Ideal for: Blemished/Acne