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Therapeutic massages tailored by your therapist to meet your individual needs.


Swedish (55/80/110 min) ($*)
Traditional Swedish therapy using long flowing strokes to promote relaxation, increase circulation and encourage detoxification. Ideal for: Stress Relief


Deep Tissue (55/80/110 min) ($*)
Concentrating on areas of tension, our therapists incorporate various techniques to encourage the body’s natural healing system. Ideal for: Pain Management


Aromatherapy (55/80/110 min) ($*)
Indulge the senses with a selection of Seasonal Oils that help combat fatigue and promote mental and physical well being. Ideal for: Mind/Body Balancing


Hot Stone (75 min) ($*)
Our deeply relaxing sequence uses hot basalt stones and potent oils to ease muscles and promote well being. Ideal for: Relieving Muscle Tension


Simple Signature (80 min) ($*)
A combination of rhythmic massage and Acupressure ease the nervous system as warm aromatherapy back and neck wraps envelop you, lulling you to a dreamy state. Ideal for: Sleep Deprivation.


Rescue Breathe (45 min) ($*)
Relieve tension with a head, face, neck, & shoulder massage which incorporates aromatherapy, pressure points and lymphatic drainage.
Ideal for: Sinus Pressure/ computer strain


Reflexology (45 min) ($*)
Hot aromatherapy wraps coupled with pressure on the reflex zones of the feet revitalize corresponding organs and structures throughout the body. Ideal for: Tired Legs and Feet .


Prenatal Massage (55/80 min) ($*)
A completely relaxing full body massage using our safe and effective prenatal techniques and specially designed cushions for your comfort. Ideal for: After the First Trimester.
Please note, Massage is not performed in the first trimester for your safety.
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